Topic: Androxybol

Androxybol: The New Anabolic Agent That Was Modeled After The Most Powerful Steroid In History... And It's Legal!

Do you believe in miracles? Well, I hope you do because here's the "biggest miracle" you'll ever get... a legal anabolic agent modeled after the most powerful steroid in history, Anadrol-50! But, here's an even bigger miracle! This mega potent anabolic agent called Androxybol does not have any steroidal side-effects, none!

So please, I urge you, continue reading and you'll discover an anabolic agent that is so sophisticated and technologically advanced that it will cause the steroid biochemist who invented Anadrol-50 to turn jade green with envy! However, before I delve into why Androxybol is so anabolic, it's necessary to take a trip back in time to the early 1960's to Syntex Labs (the giant pharmaceutical company that invented Anadrol-50)... so you can fully understand why Anadrol-50 is "hands down" the most powerful anabolic steroid that's ever been invented.

First, know this. Anadrol-50 was not invented for bodybuilders and powerlifters to get freaky huge and freaky strong... it was invented for people in third world countries who were suffering from malnutrition, and anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells. And, if you don't have any "oxygen carrying" red blood cells, then you "ain't long for the world" as they say down in Texas! And, it's because of Anadrol-50's incredible capacity to increase red blood cell production... that everyone who uses it gets pumped out of their proverbial minds!

Of course, Anadrol-50 will make you strong as "two bulls" because in addition to increasing blood volume to the point of making you burst... it's also extremely androgenic like straight testosterone... so your muscle growth will literally go berserk. However, Anadrol-50 is highly toxic to the liver and will shut-down natural testosterone levels almost as soon as you start taking it. So, you want all the "good" but none of the "bad" of Anadrol-50, and now you're about to "get it" because Androxybol has all the good and none of the bad... so it is truly "bad to the bone!"